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Rumours of corruption about the N&MC Office - Tamale, are they true?

 If you’ve ever been to a branch of the Nursing & Midwifery Council of Ghana (N&MC) and got humiliated for whatever you went there to do, you’d feel really hesitant to visit them again, won’t you?

I have never been in that position but I have seen two ladies on different occasions who practically wept due to humiliation at the Tamale N&MC branch. And to be honest, I am not the only witness to these circumstances, there are several others. Quite apart from the humiliation, several others have reported instances where they were cheated by the aforementioned branch. Lets take this example from one Mr. Ali.

In march 2018, the NAC 2017 year group were asked to pay a sum of GH¢ 420 for

    • Registration (with Certificate) - GH¢ 170
    • Auxiliary Identification Number (AIN) - GH¢ 50
    • An Induction Ceremony on Zonal Basis - GH¢200

The requested amount was paid by Ali on 24th, April 2018 before the two months dead line which would otherwise incur a penalty.

On 29th October 2019, I went to collect the AIN card but was told I had to pay an additional GH¢ 50 for renewal since the card had expired. I therefore went to the  bank and made the payment only to be told to go home and come later with a passport picture that'd be used to process the card. This is the same card that was said to have expired. - Ali relates.

Nevertheless, I traveled over 100Km back home and returned later with the passport picture. I was asked to fill a form and return after 2 or 3 months for the printed card due to lack of toner. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. Why did they ask me to renew a card that had not even been issued, talk less of printed in the first place? - Ali Continues.

I realized later on that the card was issued on 28th March, 2019 hence the renewal would be due on 28 March, 2020.

What happened next? As you can see in the picture above, Despite paying the GH¢ 50, my date of PIN renewal remains 28 March, 2020 instead of 29 October, 2020. So;

  1. Where exactly is the GH¢ 50?!
  2. Why was I asked to renew my AIN even though it was active on 29th October, 2019?
  3. Is the N&MC branch of tamale truly corrupt?

Well, lets consider some comments that were sourced from nursing telegram platforms. We'll first consider the right to ask questions or seek clarification.

 A nurse with the name Kwaku explains his ordeal with the N&MC office.

After he was advised to ask N&MC - Tamale questions on anything he doesn't understand, he said his friend was evicted from the premises for asking.

Mr. Emmanuel Joseph, another telegram user who is also a nurse attests to the fact that you dare not ask questions at the N&MC office in Tamale.


After a series of complaints that unemployed nurses and midwives are being cheated at the said branch, I B posts.

The next post from Mr. Emmanuel Joseph is similar to the ordeal of Mr. Ali mentioned earlier.

Another nurse and telegram user, Erudite posts about the corruption

The next few posts, reinforces the point.

Prince Agigne, after complaining about a GH¢ 100 that was taken from him for reasons he didn't understand, he was questioned about the medium of payment. His answer was suprising, even stating that his mate payed GH¢ 110 but wasn't given a receipt.

Are you wondering why this has been left unchecked for so long? Let's hear it form I B.

In conclusion, every cup has the maximum volume of fluid it can contain. When it fills to the brim, some surely spills. May God bless you for reading and Sharing!


In a poll conducted on 4th and 5th October 2020 about the treatment they received at the Tamale , 59 respondents answered "Unsatisfied" while 139 respondents answered "Very Unsatisfied" (Constituting 78% of the total votes).

Here are a few posts that followed;

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  1. Nmc tamale branch is not helping us at all, they are collecting money without a receipt, it is true

  2. All the aforementioned allegations are very very true. The kind of humiliation hajia Poured out on some of us and the amount extorted de3, na baba God go judge them all.hmmmmmm

  3. The authorities should pls do something about this whole issues.

  4. Really true
    NMC Tamale branch is like a lions den
    I have never been happy to be there
    The authority must take the appropriate measure to address this predicament

  5. The appropriate measures should be taken

  6. At long last people are coming to realise that, what we're complaining about the fake corrupt Hajia and her team at the NMC Tamale branch is really true. This shows that we nurses are very cheap and will always accept what authorities or the government limits us to even when they are abusing our rights. #Every corrupt leader must be brought to justice.


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