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Component Task: Tepid Sponging

Requirement on trolley

  • A bowl 
  • 2 jugs ( one for hot and the other for cold water) 
  • Six flannels ( 0r face towels) 
  • A temperature tray 
  • Long mackintosh and bath blankets 
  • A receiver for used water

  Component Task

1. Explains procedure to patient and provides privacy 
2. Prepares trolley and sends to the bedside 
3. Washes and dries hands 
4. Takes patient's temperature, pulse and respiration and records 
5. Arranges top bed clothes leaving top sheet 
6. Protects bottom sheet and undresses the patient 
7. Washes and dries face to refresh patient 
8. Leaves a flannel rung out of cold water on the patient's forehead 
9. Places 6 pieces of flannel into basin or tepid water 
10. Places a wet flannel in each axilla and groin, squeezes out excess water 
11. Changes the wet flannel frequently to keep them tepid 
12. Sponges upper arms, trunk, lower limbs and back in strokes leaving small drops of water on the skin 
13. Changes water as often as necessary 
14. Leaves patient for 15-20 minutes 
15. Dresses patient up and rechecks temperature and records 
16. Thanks and makes patient comfortable 
17. Washes and dries hands and serves cold drink if necessary 
18. Documents procedures and reports findings

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