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Component Task: Performing Last Offices


  • Gallipot containing cotton 
  • A receiver to collect urine 
  • Shroud kits
1. Prepares trolley and provides privacy
2. Turns body to lateral position with a receiver to collect oral secretion
3. Turns body to the supine position and applies gentle pressure over the lower abdomen to empty the bladder into a receiver.
4. Ensures eyes are closed and cleans thebody
5. Cleans nostrils and ears and mouth and replaces dentures if any and removes all tubes.
6. Trims the nails, shave males beard and saves for the relatives
7. Remove all jewellery. ( including wedding rings and beads records and hands over to the next of kin or ward in charge).
8. Redresses wounds if any secures dressings with a loss tape or bandage
9. Pack orifice- nostrils ears, rectum and vagina with cotton wool using forceps to prevent leakage
10. Puts a label on the arm and body the following
  • Age 
  • Sex 
  • Ward 
  • Diagnosis 
  • Date and time of admission  
  • Date and time of death
11. Wraps body in a sheet ensuring patient that the face and feet are covered and all limbs held securely in position.
12. Makes and arrangement to transfer the body to the mortuary
13. Checks property with a second nurse
  • list of property in a value or property book , locks the property in a safe place, hands them over to the nest of kin if available and asks this person to sign the book.
14. Clears away any equipment used and observes infection prevention protocol
15. Clears the bed locker and all appliances.
16. Documents in the admission and discharge book and daily ward state.
17. Takes patients folder to the revenue office for assessment of hospital bill.

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