UPNMG signs an insurance package for members

The Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives, Ghana (UPNMG) one of the youngest Nursing and Midwifery unions in Ghana has taken a very bold and a remarkable step towards the welfare of her members today the 1st of July, 2020.

For some years now the welfare of Nurses and Midwives was left unattended to until the emergence of UPNMG. The union has served as an eye opener for other unions within the Nursing and Midwifery fraternity to start thinking about their members.

As young as UPNMG is, we have made a lot of giant strides from the introduction of the first ever hire purchase in the fraternity to the insurance package that covers members and their immediate relations without having to contribute anything more than what they are already paying.

Indeed, UPNMG is a life saver and Nurses and Midwives won't ever regret making this move.

UPNMG is also  running her fund as a mutual fund, that will benefit members a lot more than making it strictly a pension fund. Members will in the next three months start enjoying loans at a very reduced rate and the myriad of yet to be rolled out policies of the Union.

The Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives, Ghana has come with the sole purpose of giving a relief to Nurses and Midwives across the country.

We entreat those who are yet to take the bold step in joining us to do so without any fear because UPNMG has come to stay and will continue to deliver the best for Nurses and Midwives in Ghana.

UPNMG #integrity and Professionalism 💪💪💪

John Agbenyeavu
National PRO (UPNMG)


Hospitalization claim

This claim applies to only members of the union. A member who has made at least one month contribution and has been admitted.


  • The member must be on admission for a minimum of 3 days to make this claim.
  • Document(s) to provide for the claim should be;
    • Proof of admission 
    • A verifiable excuse duty


Documents shall be submitted to your district executives.In the absence of the district reps you shall then directly submit the documents to your Regional Executive then to National.

Member receives GHS20.00 per day.
Total sum of claim to be made per year is GHS600.00

Should a member be unconscious and that he/she cannot make the claim personally, a nearest relative or an Executive can get it done for him/her.

The member will receive the claim in approximately 2 weeks.


Who qualifies for this claim?

  • A member who has consecutively contributed for 3 months before He/She passes. The family of such member GHS5,000.00.
  • The member's parents (mother and father or guardian). Any 2 of these persons who may pass away, member receives GHS500.00 claim.
  • Member's spouse (1). Member receives GHS1,000.00 claim.

You are require to submit a death certificate through the union's district or Regional Executives to National.
If claim is granted before the burial or funeral then it is received by the beneficiary during the ceremony.

This covers the contributing member only. A cash of GHS5,000.00 is given.


Through your district reps or Regional reps to National.

  • Documents: A medical report on the individual's condition is required then followed by confirmation of the condition by an independent medical Doctor.
Your right to life,your comfort and welfare,our priority.


Once you become a member of UPNMG, you are expected to contribute dues and pay UPNMG Mutual Fund.
  1. Every member contributes 1.5% of his basic salary as dues. The dues is for the union's administration. Part of this dues is also used to secure insurance packages for members.
  2. The mutual fund (UPNMG union fund) is for members. This fund serves as your tier 3 pension but prior to that, it offers members hire purchase, auto schemes , personal loans, scholarships and many more.
  3. UPNMG union fund will be managed by the Union herself. The fund won't be entrusted into the hands of fund managing companies. Those of you familiar with GNAT, they operate their own teachers fund and it’s easily accessible . I guess you’ve all seen how difficult it has been trying to get the refund from GRNMA.  These challenges will not have been there if GRNMA were managing its own fund.
  4. The mutual fund, at the end of the day, is your own money. Multiply the amount (50ghc) by the number of years of service you have left before retirement. The amount you will realize is all yours plus the interest that will be accrued.
  5. With the UPNMG union fund, members have access to their money whiles they are in active service in terms of loans and partial withdrawals.
  • How long will a member contribute before qualifying for a Loan?
    • Answer: Three (3) months.
  •  Will UPNMG do any other deductions?
    • Answer: Apart from the dues (1.5 percent of your basic salary) and GHS50.00 mutual fund, There’s no other deduction and there will be no other deductions!
  • Do you need to have affordability before you can process a Loan?
    • Answer: Yes please. If you do not have affordability, you can not pay back the loan. Because the deductions will be made from source, CAGD.
  • Will I need to have affordability to access partial withdrawal of my fund?
    • Answer: No, partial withdrawal does not have anything to do with affordability. One qualifies to make partial withdrawal after 5years of continuous contribution and this comes with no interest. After all, it is your money right?
  • Is the Mutual Fund different from the Insurance policy with Enterprise?
    • Answer: Yes please, the fund is independent of the insurance.
  • How can members access their fund to know the contributions and accrued interest over time?
    • Answer: You will make a request through your log in details.  That’s one of the reasons  why you were asked to register with your email address on the union’s website. If you haven't done so, please visit www.upnmg.com to register.
  • What is the interest when you are purchasing an item from UPNMG mart on hire purchase?
    • Answer: The interest is 10% simple interest and so many people are enjoying this policy to the fullest. Visit the download section of our website to download the application forms.
  • What is the Interest on the Loans?
    • Answer: The interest rate is 11%, one of the cheapest you'll find on the market.
  • What is the maximum amount of loan one can take?
    • Answer: It depends on your affordability and amount you pay to the mutual fund.

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