Task: Removal of an Indwelling Catheter

Tray containing

  • Gloves 
  • Mackintosh and towel 
  • Syringe(10-20ml) 
  • Receiver 
  • Gallipot containing swabs 
  • Towel 
  • Measuring jug  
  • Small towel( for cleaning the genital area)

Component Task

1. Establishes rapport and explains the procedure to patient
2. Prepares and takes tray to bedside and provides privacy 
3. Positions patient as for catheterization 
4. Places mackintosh and dressing towel beneath the patient and around genital area
5. Washes and dries hands 
6. Wears gloves and places towel between legs of the female patient/on the thighs of the male patient
7. Inserts the syringe into the injection part of catheter and withdraws water from the balloon
8. Gently withdraws the catheter and places in the waste receptacle
9. Dries the genital area with towel
10. Measures urine in the drainage bag and removes gloves
11. Thanks patient and discards used items 
12. Washes and dries hands and documents findings

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