Task: Removal of Clips


Component Task

1. Establishes rapport and explains procedure to the patient 
2. Wears mask, prepares dressing trolley and takes to bedside and provides privacy 
3. Puts patient into desired position, adjusts bed clothes to expose area to be dressed and 
protects bed linen 
4. Pours out lotions into gallipots and removes plaster or bandage 
5. Washes and dries hands and puts on gloves 
6. Removes soiled dressing with dissecting forceps and discards 
7. Swabs wound with antiseptic lotion using another sterile forceps and places sterile 
swab near the wound 
8. Takes clip removing forceps and dissecting forceps, steadies the clip with the 
dissecting forceps and inserts one blade of the clip remover on top of it 
9. Presses the blades together and then frees the clip from the skin on either sides and 
places it on the swab, noting number of clips removed 
10. Cleans wound, applies dressing and secures into position 
11. Thanks and makes patient comfortable in bed 
12. Discards trolley and decontaminates instruments 
13. Removes gloves, washes and dries hands 
14. Documents procedure and reports finding

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