Task: Preparing and administration of Intravenous infusion


Washes and dries hands, and sets trolley with the following items: 

Top Shelf 

  • A galipot with sterile swabs
  • galipot for cleansing agent 

Bottom Shelf 

  • Infusion bottle/bag  
  • Giving set  
  • Sterile syringe and needles
  •  Infusion stand
  •  Scalp vein needle/right size of cannula
  •  Strapping and scissors
  •  Sterile glove pack  
  • Cleansing agent e.g. methylated spirit or povidine 
  • Protective mackintosh  
  • Tourniquet/sphygmomanometer  
  • Receiver for used swabs  
  • Bottle holder  
  • Intake and output chart



A tray containing 
  • An ampule/vial
  • Diluent 
  • Gallipot containing swabs 
  • Gallipot with a lid or container with antiseptic solution 
  • Syringe
  •  Needle 
  • Receiver

Component Task

1. Establishes rapport and explains procedure 
2. Checks the physician's order for the type of medication and the ten rights 
of drug administration 
3. Checks medication label and be sure before reconstituting as per manufacturer 
instructions especially expiry date 
4. Washes hands, reconstitutes and examines for cloudiness, sediments 
Draws medication and expels air from the barrel of the syringe 
5. Protects bed linen with a dressing mackintosh and towel and positions patient 
6. Washes hands, wears gloves and cleans entry port of cannula with 
methylated spirit and cotton wool swab 
7. Fixes syringe into the empty port of cannula and pushes medication slowly 
using the push-stop-push-stop technique till administration is completed whiles observing 
8. Continue observing patient even after injecting medication 5 to 10 minutes later 
9. Encourages patient to inform the nurse for any adverse reaction 
10. Thanks patient and makes him comfortable in bed 
11. Removes dressing mackintosh and towel and discards used items 
12. Washes and dries hands and record procedure on treatment chart and on the nurses notes.


RequirementsA trolley for serving bed pan if required

  • A trolley containing  
  • Prescribed solution 
  • Giving set 
  • Vital signs tray  
  • Gloves 
  • Adhesive tape (Plaster)  
  • Giving set 
  • Intake and output chart 
  • Cannula 
  • Tourniquet 
  • Gallipot containing swab  
  • Gallipot/ container containing methylated spirit

Component Task

1. Establishes rapport and explains procedure and its purpose to patient and 
reassures him
2. Checks the physician's order for the type of solution and checks the rights of drug 
3. Ensures quality of the infusion (checks for cloudiness, sediments, other particles 
and expiry date) Sends prepared trolley and other equipment to the patient's 
4. Encourages patient to use bedpan and checks vital signs 
5. Selects and inspects sites and shave if necessary
6. Places infusion stand at the side of the bed and prepares plaster strips/tape 
7. Inserts the piercing needle of giving set into the rubber seal of the infusion 
bag/bottle and hangs the bottle/bag on the drip stand
8. Makes patient comfortable in bed and instructs him to notify nurse 
when there is a problem 
9. Checks infusion rate accuracy after 5 minutes and continue to observe the 
site of insertion for swelling 
10. Thanks patient, discards tray, washes and dries hands 
11. Records time of setting up, type and amount of fluid on the intake and 
output chart 
12. Documents procedure on nurses notes

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