Tasks: Pre-Operative Preparation and Skin Care of Patient for Surgery

 Pre-Operative Preparation of Patient for Surgery


A trolley containing 
  • A covered Kidney dish containing gauze, 
  • A bottle containing antiseptic lotion 
  • Soap dish containing soap  
  • Bowel of water(jug of water and a bowl)
  • Container containing Sponge 
  • Operation towel 
  • Theatre gown 
  • Disposable gloves 
  • Vital signs tray and B/P apparatus 
  • Mackintosh and draw sheet 
  • Name tag

Component Task

1. Prepare a trolley with the following items: Shaving material, gauze, antiseptic lotion, bowel of water, soap and sponge, operation towel, operation gown, B/P apparatus, thermometer, mackintosh.
2. Explain procedure to patient and reassures him.
3. Sends trolley to bed side and provide privacy.
4. Places patient into desired position.
5. Exposes the area to be prepared and protects the bed clothes.
6. Wears gloves, washes the area with soap, sponge and water.
7. Dries and cleans with antiseptic lotion.
8. Covers area with operating towel and secures it in position with adhesive strapping.
9. Gowns patient with a clean theatre gown.
10. Ask patient to empty bladder and remove dentures of any.
11. Check vital signs and record TPR andBP.
12. Thank patient, discards trolley and washes hands.
13. Gives prescribed medication when patient is ready for the theatre.

Skin Preparation for Surgery

Requirement on Tray

  • Soap in a soap dish 
  • Water  
  • Antiseptic lotion e.g. savlon, bethadine lotion 
  • Disposable gloves 
  • Sterile towel 
  • Mackintosh and a towel 
  • Receiver

Component Task

1. Establish rapport and explains procedure to patient
2. Sends prepared tray to bed side, provides privacy and puts patient into the desired position.
3. Washes hands and exposes the area to be prepared only and protects the bed clothes
4. Washes a wide area around the operated side with soap and water
5. Washes and dries hands and put on gloves
6. Cleans the area with antiseptic lotion 
7. Applies sterile dressing towel or paper towel and secures into position 
8. Thanks the patient removes and discard tray 
9. Decontaminate the items used, removes gloves washes hands and dries hands
10. Documents procedure and reports finding

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