Task: Dressing Wound Without an Assistant


Top shelf

  • 2 kidney dishes with a cover ( one containing cotton wool balls and gauze) 
  • A probe
  •  2 galipots 
  • Dressing forceps (2) 
  • Dissecting forceps (2) 
  • A pair of peeled Sterile gloves if the dressing will be done with the hands

Bottom shelf

  • Mackintosh and towel
  •  Receptacle for soiled dressing 
  • Lotions for dressing e.g. povidone iodine, normal saline, hydrogen peroxide 
  • Face mask 
  • Scissors 
  • Bandage
  •  Disposable gloves 
  • Plaster


1. Explain procedure to patient and ensure privacy.
2. Prepare and take trolley to the patient’s bedside.
3. Position patient comfortably and protects bed clothes.
4. Exposes area of wound and removes plaster or bandage.
5. Washes and dry hands, assemblies instruments and pours lotion into galipots.
6. Removes soiled dressings with dissecting forceps or gloved hand and discard and washes and dry hands.
7. Dabs or leans wound with sterile forceps/gloves using prescribed lotion or gently irritate lean wound with syringe and normal saline from within outwards and cleans the surrounding skin.
8. Cleans, dabs wounds with series of swabs until it is clean. Applies sterile dressing using prescribed dressing lotion and secures into position or leaves exposed where necessary.
9. Makes patient comfortable in bed, explains relevant finding to patient and thanks him.
10. Discards trolley and decontaminates instruments and washes hands.
11. Removes gloves and decontaminates instruments and washes hands.
12. Discards trolley ad decontaminates instruments and washes hands.
13. Removes gloves and screens, washes and dry hands.
14. Discards trolley and decontaminates instruments and washes hands.
15. Removes gloves and screen, washes and dries hands.
16. Document and reports state of the wound.

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