Task: Care of Hands and Feet


  • Two Jug (for cold and warm water) 
  • A bowl 
  • Nail clipper 
  • Nail file 
  • Nail brush 
  • A receiver 
  • Soap in a soap dish 
  • Two Towels 
  • A draw mackintosh and sheet 
  • A receptacle for used water 
  • Vaseline


1. Explain procedure to patient.
2. Provide privacy and take tray or trolley to bed side.
3. Position patient comfortably. 
4. Puts mackintosh and dressing towel on bed.
5. Puts bowl of warm water on the mackintosh and towel.
6. Wet fingers in a bowl of warm water and cut finger nails to the shape of finger tips using a pair of scissors or nail clipper.
7. Wet and cut toe nails across to prevent in growing toe nails.
8. Puts all nail clippings into a receiver.
9. Put hand into the bowl of warm water and scrubs nails gently with nail brush.
10. Wash hands thoroughly using soap and sponge.
11. Alternately put feet into the bowl of water and washes feet thoroughly using soap and sponge. 
12. Change warm water and rinses hands and feet alternately after washing them.
13. Dries hands and feet thoroughly.
14. Applies petroleum jelly to hands and feet.
15. Remove mackintosh and towel making patient comfortable and thank him.
16. Discards tray washes hands and dries them, document procedure.

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