Task: Administration of Rectal Medication


  • A tray containing
  •  Medication 
  • Mackintosh and dressing towel 
  • Receiver
  • Folder and medication sheet and nurses notes 
  • gallipot containing water  
  • gallipot containing cotton wool 
  • gloves

Component Task

1. Identifies patient by mentioning the name and checks treatment sheet against doctor's order
2. Establishes rapport and explains procedure to patient and encourage him to empty bowel
3. Sends tray to bedside, provides privacy and clean anal area with water and cotton wool swabs
4. Observes the ten (10) rights of medication administration
5. Reads the label and compares with patient's treatment sheet
6. Protects bed with dressing mackintosh and towel at the buttocks
7. Assists patient to a left lateral or left Sim's position, with the upper leg flexed
8. Fold back the top bedclothes to expose the buttocks 
9. Removes medication, checks label and compares with patient's treatment sheet the third time
10. Wears glove on the hand used to insert the suppository
11. Unwraps the suppository, lubricate the smooth rounded end with gloved index finger
12. Encourages the patient to relax by breathing through the mouth presses the patient's 
buttocks together for few minutes
13. Asks the patient to remain in the left lateral or supine position at least for five (5) minutes or according to manufacturer's instruction 
14. Congratulates patient and makes him comfortable in bed 
15. Removes gloves, clears tray, washes and dries hands 
16. Documents procedure on treatment sheet and nurses notes

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