The sorrowful story of the nurse who completed in 2017

It’s not those who are part of us who are our enemies but those who are dressed in suits, sitting in tall buildings behind pen and papers.
The simple crime this group committed is because they choose to serve lives, they choose a profession described as a noble profession. This profession they believed is by calling.
But their major crime is choosing this profession in a dangerous year and ending their training in another unfaithful year.
We only hear musicians singing songs, describing how unlucky some may be: am sure if the top musicians in Ghana and in the world heard the story of this group of nurses, they would be able to write a perfect sorrowful song which would cause tears to flow down the faces of anyone who listened to the story.
This group is described as the 2017 year group of nurses.
There was a time when every government will give an amount of money to everyone who chooses this profession; this money is described as allowance, but when it got to this group, they were treated like foreigners who came to seek for education in Ghana.
The then government said they didn’t deserve this allowance so they were denied.
Their wish to also see what had been described as allowance and to also have a feel of it vanished into thin air.
They watched their seniors receive the money in large amounts and hoped it would get to their turn but their hopes were scrambled into ashes by some people called politicians.
Just as this group was still grieving, there came another group, dressed in suits with beautiful robs on their necks and driving in beautiful cars. They too said they were politicians but totally different from those who deceived us, so they will bring back our lost hope when we vote them to power.
Come and see the jubilation that was ongoing, we thought our Angel had been found and he’d salvage us from our sorrows.
We rallied behind them and finally they had the power.
Everyone in the country knew it was the power of trainee nurses that shifted the power from one group to another.
This group also came, but indicated they will give the allowance but then we should count ourselves out. This was when many believed that with power you can change natural numbers to artificial numbers for we all know after counting ‘1’ you need to count ‘2’ before you go to ‘3’ but power was able to determine that ‘2’ didn’t deserve to be counted, and so allowance was given to our immediate juniors and leaving us to our faith.
Many couldn’t believe this, they thought it was a dream but it was real.
Please if you are asked in an exams to give an example of unlucky person, name any individual within the 2017 year group and you will be given the full mark.
So we all now then saw a practical aspect of the adage “the devil you know is better than the Angel you do not know”
As if that was not enough, we were promised an immediate employment by this same people in suits, and because they always know how to package their story, we believed in them but they demonstrated to us that they have not changed.
We sat home for 2 going to 3 years now and just as we were ready to pour our anger on them by demonstration they gave us a lotto number (31-03-2020), they said this number is sure number, we waited till today to received our pay because we knew we were winning, only for us to be told that only one of the numbers dropped (diploma nurses) and we all know one number doesn’t win you lotto.
Today there’s a disease from China that affect almost everything, and now we are told the disease has even affected the single number that dropped, so they don’t know when to open the portal for them.
Hmmm, what a year group we belong.
Aside the above, these people in suits have caused a lot of distraction among us, they turned us against our very own colleagues who we choose to lead us…
How did they do this?
They give them fake information to come and deliver to us, and once it didn’t materialize we’d believe it’s our own colleagues who deceived us.
These our leaders has been so strong in fighting for us from day one, and their will to fight has not changed but this people calling themselves politicians has caused us not to see the sacrifice of our own colleagues.
Yes, we all know they are just our messengers, carrying our concerns to this people in suits and bringing us feedback.
But now we the members believe it’s our own colleagues who we choose to lead us are those not leading us well.
When have you heard that, our leaders have been asked to provide a group they should employ? Never, but this greedy politicians have made us to believe so.
I feel so sad when I hear and see people insulting our own colleagues who are sacrificing for us. I hear in one of the meetings our President ( Mr. Rafik) was insulted and molested and humiliated just because of us, and in another meeting tears flowed from his eyes, but yet this politicians turned us against him and his executives and we no longer see how they have been sacrificing for us…
Please brothers and sisters of the 2017 group, most especially my group (NAC/NAP), lets know that we have one energy which are those dressed in suits calling themselves politicians and not our own colleagues.
I have no doubt that our executives are the perfect group we can ever get to lead us….
I hope this story will find you in peace.
Stay safe.
Agyepong Emanuel.
A concerned 2017 NAC.

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