Task: Performing an Assisted bed bath

Performing an Assisted Bed Bath

1. Explain procedure to patient and provide privacy.
2. Prepares requirement and arranges them on a locker or trolley or heart table in a 
position where patient can easily reach for them. 
3. Remove bed cloth and cover patient with a sheet of cloth.
4. Help patient into a suitable position. 
5. Allow patient to do much for himself as his condition permits and completes the 
procedure for him e.g. washing patients back, feet’s etc.
6. Assist patient to groom himself and make him comfortable.
7. Collects toiletries, puts them away.
8. Put bowl etc away, washes and dry hands.
9. Documents procedure and reports findings.

Performing an Assisted Bathroom Bath 

1. Establishes rapport and explains procedure to patient 
2. Prepares bathroom, collects the necessary articles and arranges them for easy reach 
3. Sends patient to the bathroom 
4. Ensures water temperature is of patient preference 
5. Provides privacy 
6. Assists or encourages patient to undress 
7. Assists patient to bath when necessary washing the back, feet as the case may be 
8. Assist patient to dry up with towel 
9. Assist patient to groom and wear new clothes if necessary 
10. Sends patient to bedside and sits him comfortably in a chair as desired 
11. Makes patients bed and discard dirty clothing and makes patient comfortable 
12. Collects toiletries, tidies bathroom, washes and dries hands 
13. Documents procedure and report findings

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