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Component Task: Handing and Taking Over The Ward


  1. Welcomes the in-coming staff.
  2. Gives ward report on patients to in-coming nurse to read.
  3. Enquire from in-coming nurse if she needs further explanation on issues.
  4. Hands over sensitive information about patient at the nurse's office e.g. condition of patient.
  5. Interacts with patients while handing over.
  6. Checks and confirms information about patients' charts.
  7. Checks with incoming staff that gadgets on patients are functioning e.g. cardiac monitor, intravenous line, oxygen flow meter etc.  
  8. Checks and hands over controlled drugs and any other relevant resources available.
  9.  Hands over ward annexes for in-coming nurse to ensure they are clean.
  10. Reports on any defects on equipment and requests made for urgent repairs.
  11.  Reports on departmental instructions and other important information in the ward diary.


  1. Greets staff on duty.
  2.  Asks for oral information on major happenings on the ward from the outgoing nurse.
  3.  Reads written ward report.
  4.  Enquire sensitive information about patients at the nurses office.
  5.  Takes over ward from bed to. bed verifying the state of a" patients; especially very ill patients.
  6.  Establishes rapport with patients during taking over and asks about state of health.
  7.  Conducts inspection of ward with the outgoing staff.
  8.  Ensures resources needed for work are available and adequate and takes over controlled drugs.
  9.  Counter-signs written ward report.
  10.  Notes important issues in the ward diary.
  11.  Congratulates out-going staff.

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