Task: Educating patient on Condition


  1. Patient folder 
  2. Flip chart on the disease condition  
  3. A leaflet on the disease condition

  Component Task

1. Establishes rapport and explains the need for education on condition to patient 
2. Makes patient comfortable either sitting or lying down 
3. Sits comfortably by patient's side 
4. Ensures enabling and relaxed environment and maintains privacy
5. Finds patient's level of awareness of condition 
6. Builds on what the patient knows with scientific data of condition in language that patient understands 
7. Explains to patient the rationale for treatment and possible outcome 
8. Ensures patient understands the teaching and co-operates with health team 
9. Allows patient to ask questions for clarification 
10. Provides patient with clear simple pamphlets if available 
11. Thanks patient and documents education 

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