Task: Changing bottom sheet of patient from side to side


  • Two chairs/cardiac table
Requirement on trolley 
  • Bed sheet 
  • Draw sheet and draw mackintosh


1. Explain procedure to patient and ensure privacy.
2. Collects and arranges items on trolley.
3. Arranges sheets in order of use on chairs or heart table.
4. Loosen sheets at side of bed leaves patient with only one pillow and covers her with 
top sheet.
5. Turns patient to one side of the bed supported by another nurse and draws mackintosh 
and sheet.
6. Rolls dirty bottom sheet under patient.
7. Covers the bed with a clean rolled bottom sheet half way in the middle of the bed.
8. Put on draw mackintosh and draw sheet across bed tucking in greater part nearest to 
the door.
9. Removes dirty bottom sheet and places it in a receptacle.
10. Pull tight and tucks in bottom sheet.
11. Covers patient with top sheet and bed cover, leaves him comfortable.
12. Clears equipment and removes screen.
13. Washes and dry hands.

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