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CELEBRATING the nurse, the HERO/HEROIN of our time

1. Florence Nightingale paved the way some 200 years ago and we're here today serving our generation in this deadly pandemic.

2. The nurse is the pillar that holds and maintains the health system world wide and has played a key role in this pandemic.

3. The nurse is the first point of contact in this pandemic before any other health professional get closer

4. The nurse feeds, baths and grooms the COVID-19 patient when every other professional step back.

5. The nurse serves them 'potty' and keeps them clean when they are done. Others watch in awe.

6. The critical care nurse takes care of the COVID-19 patient when the patient is at his lowest point of health.

7. The community and public health nurses boldly contact trace them when others are weary and tired, even when the government backs down on its promise to cater for them. They are the same nurses that we fell on to vaccinate the whole nation including the politicians. They do their work with passion.

8. It is the nurse who selflessly and patiently takes data from COVID-19 patients both demographic and biological, puts all these documents together, gives to the researchers to publish them and the researchers become famous.

9. It is this same nurse that the public see as disrespectful but welcomes COVID-19 patients with the warmest smiles and gives hope to these patients, when the family fear and cannot draw closer.

10. We celebrate these GALLANT  HEROES and HEROINS called nurses and midwives this May Day.
We shall CELEBRATE YOU for the Next 2 centuries and beyond.


By Obiri Addo Isaac

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