Cheapest 11% UPNMG Quick LOANS; Here is how to Apply.

The Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives, Ghana (UPNMG) has made a wonderful announcement about their much awaited Loan Scheme. This wouldn't be the time to discuss credibility of UPNMG because that has already been done in our article "UPNMG Online Registration; Switching a Union & Joining as a newly posted Nurse", we won't really be looking into the statement "UPNMG is not credible because they don't have a bargaining certificate" either because if you are smart, you'd probably know that the bargaining certificate for every profession is just ONE and the association of the profession in question that has the highest members gets to hold and use it in negotiations. However, the items they negotiate for, is enjoyed by the whole membership of the profession and not just the members of the association who did the negotiation.

That said, lets talk about UPNMG Loans and how you can apply now.

Cheap 11% interest loan for nurses
First, this was the statement that was made by the president of the association to announce the launch of the loan scheme.

Interest Rate

The loan scheme is currently pegged at a cool 11% interest, one of the best in the market, and surprisingly, it covers these;

  • Processing fee.
  • Controller charges.
  • Simple Interest.

What to Know

  • To qualify for this particular scheme, one must have contributed to the union for at least FOUR (4) months consecutively.
  • The loan repayment period is from six (6) months to thirty-six (36) months.
    • Per what we have discussed so far,  Lets Assume Mr. McCoy takes a loan of GH₵ 1000 from UPNMG to be paid over a year. Finding 11% of 1000: 11/100×1000=110. Therefore the interest he'll pay for the whole one year is GH₵ 110. The principal plus simple interest equals GH₵ 1100.
      This implies that; 1110/12 months = 92.5. Mr. McCoy will pay GH₵ 92.5 every month till the loan is paid off.

How to Apply

Step 1 - Affordability validation and Application

  1. Request an affordability validation from the loan team by sending a WhatsApp text to 0265599300.
  2. After validated affordability has been communicated to you, please visit the UPNMG website to download the loan application form at 
  3. Complete every requirement on the loan application form and sign.
    • Please note the following;
      • Installment = deduction per month.
      • Duration = Number of repayment months.
      • Total collectible =Monthly installments x  Duration.
Step 2 - Acquiring and completing the 'Loan Advance' and 'Authority note' Forms
  1. Submit the completed application form to your UPNMG representative for verification and to receive loan advance form and  the authority note form thereafter (At this point,the rep will return the loan application form to you).
  2. Please complete and submit “loan advance” and “authority note” for endorsement by your head of department (or anyone with a stamp at your facility). Please note that, head of department is supposed to sign and stamp the “Authorised by” section on the Loan advance and same under the “Endorse by” section on the Authority note.
  3. In the event where an applicant is very far from his/her rep, the loan advance and authority note will be sent to you (the applicant) by transport. In that case, applicant must take a selfie picture each with the loan advance form and authority note form.

Step 3 - Submitting your Documents

Documents Needed at this stage;

  • Verifiable ID (Voter ID card, SSNIT card or Driver’s license)
  • Passport Pictures
  • Loan Advance Form (With selfie holding document IF received by transport)
  • Authority Note form (With selfie holding document IF received by transport)
  • Signed pay slips

Phase 1 - Online Submission
Clearly scan all documents, passport pictures and ID card as picture, attach and submit to   

Phase 2 - Offline Submission

Remember to keep a copy of the application form as a receipt and submit the following to your UPNMG representative;

  • Completed application form.
  • Completed originals of both loan advance and authority note.
  • Passport picture.
  • A copy of your ID card and signed pay slips.

Please contact the UPNMG Loans department on phone number 0302968902 for any assistance or clarification.


We at have had our part done by telling you about this great union, it is now your responsibility make the right decision concerning your future. Over to you.

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