HOW-TO: Get a Tax Relief as a Nurse in Ghana

What is Tax Relief?

Tax relief allows you to deduct some payments you make during the tax year from your gross income, so there's less for you to be taxed on. You can claim tax reliefs in addition to any personal tax allowances that you are entitled to, which essentially means you'll take home more of your income, and pay less tax.
The types of tax relief you may qualify for are;

Marriage Responsibility Relief 

The beneficiary should be married but the spouse of the person should not be working and is therefore financially dependent on him/her.

Old Age Relief 

The aspirant should be over 60 years of age to qualify for this relief.

Children Education Relief

You should have children who are educating in Ghana and should be in a full-time education. The maximum number of children here is 3.

Adult Dependent Relief 

The beneficiary should have a mother/father or both depending financially on him/her.

Education Relief 

They payer should be undertaking a professional or vocational qualification. This only covers updating an existing skill.

Disability Relief

Any disabled person who is certified disabled in Ghana can get a 20% relief off the taxes he/she pays and can also enjoy the other reliefs mentioned above.
The Video below explains this further with the amounts (in Ghana cedis) you can be relieved of.

How to get a Tax Relief in Ghana

  1. Click these Green Words to download the tax relief form.
  2. Fill the form and submit it to your labour union.
Some Unions such as Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives, Ghana - UPNMG has taken up the issue of tax relief and forms were circulated long ago. Through this effort, they were able to get the Government to grant us the tax waiver which all Nurses and Midwives are enjoying now. If you are a member of UPNMG, contact your regional executives for directions on how to fill the form and where to submit it to.
Click these green words for the contacts of all regional executives of UPNMG.

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