Task: Washing of patients hair in bed and shaving beard



  • Gallipot containing cotton balls to plug the ears and protect the eyes 
  • A long mackintosh 
  • A mackintosh and towel 
  • A pail 
  • Hair comb 
  • Shampoo 
  • 2 jugs for hot and cold water 
  • A basin/bucket 
  • A receptacle for used water  
  • Towel 
  • Hair drier 
  • Hair cream


1. Explain procedure t patent and provide privacy.
2. Prepare and send trolley to bed side.
3. Puts patient in a suitable position. 
4. Arrange long mackintosh into a trough, fashion under the patients’ shoulders neck and head and extend it down into a bowl or bucket.
5. Covers mackintosh with a bath towel under the patients’ shoulders, neck and around the shoulders.
6. Combs, removes tangles, wet hair and applies soap/ shampoo.
7. Massages hair well, rinse and repeats till clean.
8. Wipes any moisture around the eyes, face and neck.
9. Squeezes hair gently and ties hair up in a towel and dries thoroughly with a towel or hand drier.
10. Applies pomade, combs and styles hair to patients liking.
11. Remove mackintosh and towel and leaves patient dry and comfortable in bed.
12. Discard trolley, washes and dries hands.
13. Document procedure and report findings.


Requirements on a tray/ trolley. 

  • Razors in a receiver.
  • Shaving cream or soap.  
  • Mackintosh and a dressing towel.
  • Gallipot containing water.
  • Bowl containing water.
  • Face towel
  • After shaving lotion or body cream 

Component Task

1. Explains procedure to patient 
2. Sends tray to bedside or place of treatment 
3. Provides privacy when necessary 
4. Gathers the equipment the patient prefers to use and modifies any equipment for potential 
safety hazard 
5. Places patient in a sitting up position 
6. Covers patients with protective clothing 
7. Determines the patient's usual shaving routine 
8. Inspects the face for elevation moles, birthmarks or lesions 
9. Lather the face with shaving cream or soap 
10. Washes and dry hands 
11. Using short strokes with razor, shaves in the direction or the hair growth 
12. Starts from the upper face and lip and extend to the neck 
13. Instructs patient to tilt his head to help shave in hollow or curved areas 
14. Uses the hand without the razor to pull the skin below the area being shaved 
15. Rinses the razor after each stroke. 
16.Rinse and dry face with the face towel when completely finished.
17. Apply the patient' s choice of after lotion.
18. Thank patient discard tray and document in nurses' note.

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