Task: Treatment of Pressure Areas


Top shelf

  • A bowl or basin 
  • 2 jugs (one containing cold water and the other hot water) 
  • Soap in a soap dish  
  • Towel 
  • Sponge 
  • Barrier cream (Zinc oxide,/powder )

Lower shelf

  • Receiver for used water 
  • Bath blanket and a long mackintosh or bed sheet and long mackintosh 
  • Patient garment 
  • Receptacle for soiled linen
In the absence of a trolley, cardiac table or a bed side locker can be used.


1. Establishes report and explains procedure to patient
2. Prepares look warm water for procedure
3. Sets trolley and sends to patients bed side and provides privacy
4. Remove patients bedclothes and cover with sheet
5. Protect bed with a mackintosh and a draw sheet
6. Protects bed with a mackintosh and draw sheet
7. Roll patient onto the side 
8. Cleans all pressure areas with soap and water in a soft towel with gloved hands
9. kneads all pressure areas with pad of fingers one area at a time.
10. Rinses and dry skin with a soft dry towel
11. Applies moisturizing cream or alcohol-free barrier cream/films
12. Groom and makes patient comfortable in bed
13. Thanks patient and discards trolley
14. Washes and dry hands and document procedure and findings
15. Inform charge-nurse of any abnormality

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