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Component Task: Making an Admission bed


  • Extra requirement to be added for those of simple bed 
  • A trolley with a long mackintosh 
  • Two bath blanket 
  • Bed blocks 
  • Bed cradle back rest or any other bed accessory depending on the patient’s condition.

Component Task

1. Collects, arranges items on trolley and sends to bedside 
2. Arranges items in order of use on a chair or heart table 
3. Places bottom sheet evenly on the bed 
4. Tucks the sheet evenly under the mattress at the top and bottom corners 
5. Places draw mackintosh across bed and covers with draw sheet 
6. Places long mackintosh on the bed 
7. Uses one bath blanket or sheet over and tucks in all around or folds under itself 
8. Places second bath blanket over the bed 
9. Puts in hot water bottles if necessary 
10. Puts on top bed clothes 
11. Places counterpane loosely over the top bed clothes 
12. Tucks in the bed clothes on the other side 
13. Folds the bed clothes on the other side nearest to the door, leaving it open to facilitate quick admittance.

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