Task: Discharging a patient from the hospital


  1. Admission and discharge book 
  2. Ward state


1. Inform patient about discharge
2. Educate patient and relatives on the need for continuing treatment and follow–up care.
3. Ensure the patients’ hospital bill is worked out and submitted to patients’ relative 
early for settlement.
4. Ensure that discharge papers are duly signed by discharging doctor.
5. Make sure that the hospital bills are settled and all receipts are entered in admission 
and discharge book and hand over receipt to patient.
6. Direct relatives to collect drugs for patient from the pharmacy.
7. Educate them on drugs. I.e. indication, dosage, side effect etc.
8. Help patient to pack his belongings.
9. Hand over any valuables in the nurses’ custody to the patient and relatives and record 
and sign with a witness.
10. Remind patient and relatives the review date and stresses on its important. Tell them 
where to report.
11. Bid them good bye.
12. Ensure linen is removed and bed decontaminated.

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