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Component Task: Admission Of a Patient (Ambulant)


  1. Sheets for an admission bed
  2. Vital signs tray
  3. Admission and discharge book
  4. Ward state
  5. Admission sheets such as vital signs chart, nurses’ notes, costing sheet, intake and output chart etc


  1. Welcomes patient and relatives to the nurses’ station and makes them comfortable.
  2.  Introduces herself and any staff present.
  3.  Collects necessary documents, admission notes and any other information from the accompanying nurse.
  4.  Identifies and confirms patient’s name, particulars and reassures him.
  5.  Sends patient to bedside and introduces him to other patients near him.
  6.  Checks vital signs and record and collects specimen if ordered
  7.  Administers urgent prescribed drugs if ordered.
  8.  Assist patient to change into his night dress or pyjamas.
  9.  Takes care of the patient’s valuable according to the institutions policy.
  10.  Let patient or legal guardian sign a consent form for treatment etc. Where necessary.
  11.  Explains national health insurance system to patient and relatives.
  12.  Informs relatives about visiting time and allows them to see patient and say goodbye
  13.  Orientate patient to ward and its annexes
  14.  Uses the nursing process to plan care
  15.  Enter patients name into the admission and discharge book and onto the ward state and document in the nurses’ notes.

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