Task: Giving Intramuscular Injection


A tray containing 
  • An ampule/vial 
  • Diluent 
  • Gallipot containing swabs 
  • Gallipot with a lid or container with antiseptic solution 
  • Syringe  
  • Needle 
  • Receiver


1. Identifies and checks for the right patient, right drugs, right route and right time 
2. Establishes rapport, explains procedure to patient and provides privacy 
3. Prepares and takes tray to patient's bedside 
4. Checks details again with patient's treatment sheet
5. Washes and dries hands 
6. Assembles syringe and needle using aseptic technique 
7. Files and breaks ampoule or removes metal cap of vial with a clean swab, draws 
drug and discards ampoule or vial 
8. Replaces needle with a new one and expels air (if drawn from a vial) 
9. Assists patient into a comfortable position and exposes site for injection 
10. Cleans site with swab dipped in antiseptic lotion (upper outer quadrant of buttocks if 
buttocks is used and outer aspect if thigh is used) 
11. Inserts the needle quickly and firmly deep into the muscle at right angle 
12. Withdraws piston a little to ensure needle is not in a blood vessel 
(if blood appears withdraws needle, and repeat step 10) 
13. Pushes to release drug into the tissue 
14. Withdraws the syringe and needle quickly and with a swab gently applies pressure 
to the site of injection 
15. Discards syringe and needle into a "safety box" or container
16. Thanks patient and leaves him comfortable in bed 
17. Washes and dries hands, signs treatment sheet and documents any findings

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