Task: Collecting of Stool Specimen From Patient Confined to Bed

Requirement of trolley

Component Task

1. Explains procedure to the patient and parent if child and provides privacy 
2. Sets trolley and sends it to patient's bedside with stool specimen container 
3. Washes and dries hands and puts on gloves and serves' bedpan. 
4. Leaves patient till he has finished 
5. Assists to clean up and removes bedpan and covers immediately 
6. Allows patient to wash and dry hand 
7. Thanks patient and make him comfortable 
8. Uses wooden spatula to take most representative stool specimen from the bedpan, 
including mucus, blood, pus if any into the specimen container and covers it 
9. Wraps the wooden spatula in paper towel and discards.
10. Disposes stool, decontaminates bedpan and removes disposable gloves and Discards 
11. Washes and dries hand 
12. Document procedure and findings 
13. Reports any abnormality to the nurse in charge 
14. Labels and sends specimen to the laboratory immediately with signed request from

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