Task: Educating Patient on Medication prior to discharge


  1. A Tray containing  
  2. The patient’s medication 
  3. Patient folder

Component Task

1. Identify client's treatment chart and medication 
2. Establishes rapport with patient 
3. Uses language client understands 
4. Involves client's or a significant others 
5. Speaks audibly to patient 
6. Explains procedure to client and family 
7. Assesses patient's previous knowledge on medication 
8. Shows type of drug(s) to patient 
9. Informs patient about method of administration 
10. Instructs patient on dosage of drugs to take at a time 
11. Explains action of the drug 
12. Describes the side effect of the drug 
13. Instructs client to report to hospital when serious side effects occur 
14. Demonstrates to patient how to store drug at home safely 
15. Allows patient to repeat instruction and ask questions 
16. Responds to questions appropriately
17. Thanks patient for co-operating and documents procedure 

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