Task: Removal of Stitches


  • Same as dressing of wounds  
  • Plus Stitch scissors


1. Explain procedure to patient and ensure privacy.
2. Put on mask, prepare and take trolley to bed side.
3. Ask assistant to:
a. Put patient in desire position, protect bed cloths and expose area to be dressed only.
b. Pour out lotion into gallipots
c. And remove plaster or bandage
4. Washes and dries hands
5. Removes soiled dressing using dissecting forceps and discards.
6. Cleans wound with series of swabs soaked in antiseptic lotion using sterile forceps. 
Places sterile swab near the wound.
7. Takes dissecting forceps and stitch removing scissors, grasp ends of the stitch with 
dissecting forceps and pulls gently to expose an area between the knot and the skin.
8. Cuts stitch between the knot and the skin, pulls out sutures gently and slowly.
9. Inspect carefully to make sure sutures are removed and discarded on a piece of gauze, noting number of sutures removed.
10. Cleans wound, applies dressing and secures in position.
11. Thanks and makes patient comfortable in bed..
12. Discards trolley, decontaminates instruments
13. Removes gloves, washes and dries hands 
14. Removes screen
15. Documents and reports state of wound.

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