Task: Making a simple unoccupied bed


  • Two chairs/ cardiac table
The following requirement on trolley
  • Two bed sheet 
  • A draw mackintosh
  •  A draw sheet
  •  Counterpane
  •  Pillow case 
  •  Pillow


1. Collect arrange items on trolley and send to bedside.
2. Arrange items in order of use on a chair or heart table.
3. Places bottom sheet on the bed.
4. Tucks the sheet evenly under the mattress at the top and bottom using envelope 
5. Pulls sheet tight so that there are no creases. Tucks in at the sides.
6. Places draw mackintosh across bed and covers with draw sheets.
7. Places pillow on bed with open end away from the ward entrance.
8. Places top sheet on bed with the wrong side uppermost.
9. Folds over at the bottom and tucks in loosely.
10. Places bed cover/counterpane on at the bottom end using envelope corners.
11. Folds top sheet over the counterpane at the top end.
12. Tucks in side under mattress
13. Remove trolley and chair.

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