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Component Task: Making an Operation Bed

15 Must-Haves After Shoulder Surgery


Extra requirements to be added to that of simple bed
1. Small mackintosh and towel
2. One blanket
3. Hot water bottle
4. Bed accessories to suit patient’s conditions. 
a. Drip stand.
b. post anaesthetic tray containing the following vomitus bowel
c. dressing towel receiver.
d. kidney dish (containing tongue holding forceps swab holding forceps, spatula)
e. Oxygen cylinder.
f. Bed blocks.
g. Suctioning machine
12. Gallipot containing gauze sab
13. An injection tray( gallipot containing spirit, gallipot with swabs, receiver for used 
swabs, sterile gloves, syringes, sterile water or water for injection, tourniqeutte ) 
14. Mouth gag
15. Receiver for soiled swab
16. Gallipot with cold water
17. A receiver to receive mouth wash
18. Vital signs tray
19. Charts for recording


1. Prepares trolley and sends to bedside 
2. Arranges items in order of use on a chair or cardiac table 
3. Places bottom sheet evenly on bed and tucks it under the mattress using envelope corners 
4. Pulls sheet tight so that there are no creases and tucks in at the sides 
5. Places draw mackintosh across bed and covers with draw sheet 
6. Places dressing mackintosh and towel at top of bed 
7. Leaves pillow on chair by the bed 
8. Spreads blanket on bed 
9. Places top sheet on with the wrong side uppermost and turns back the bottom end 
10. Folds the top bed clothes at the open side in three parts over the bed for easy admission of 
11. Places a post anaesthetic tray by bed side containing vomit bowl, dressing towel, kidney 
dish containing swab holding forceps, dissecting forceps, tongue holding forceps and 
12. Arranges other bed accessories by bedside - drip stand, bed rail, blood pressure apparatus 

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