Impending GRNMA Strike and Arising Issues

The Strike and other Actions

Following a declaration on a strike action effective Monday 21st September, 2020 by the leadership of the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives’ Association (GRNMA) and its allied associations namely The Ghana Association of Certified Registered Anaesthetists and Ghana Physician Assistants Association, there has been series of actions that was taken by other associations who are directly affected by the strike pronouncement. Whereas some are in favor even though they weren’t invited to partake in the condition of service (COS) negotiation, others do feel offended by the action of GRNMA and so has withdrawn.

By the press release below, the GRNMA declared the strike action on the condition that it will be cancelled if the government addresses the concerns raised by their team.

Below is a post by an admin of GRNMA National telegram platform stating the content of the COS negotiation.

It is quite interesting to note that majority of the associations for nurses and midwives out there are in support of the strike.

Press Release by the Community Health Nurses Association, Ghana in favor of the Strike.

Press Release by the Mental Health Nurses Group in favor of the Strike.

Press Release by the University Nursing Students' Association of Ghana in favor of the Strike.

Press Release by the Ghana Physician Assistants Association in favor of the Strike.

Press Release by the Enrolled Nurses Group - Ghana in favor of the Strike.

Press Release by the Ghana Nurse - Midwife Trainees' Association in favor of the Strike.

Press Release by the Concerned Nursing and Midwifery Tutors Association of Ghana in favor of the Strike.

On 18th September, 2020 the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (Government) called the GRNMA for continuation of the COS negotiation after the announcement of the Strike.

Current update on the COS indicates that the negotiation held on 18th September did not go so well hence the strike still holds.

Counter Actions

A notice of Interlocutory Injunction ordering the GRNMA and it's allies to hold the Strike has been circulating around the social media.

But according to "hear say", the GRNMA has not officially received such document.

Another counter action worth noting is the press release from the National Association of Registered Midwives, Ghana which is against the Strike. Below is a press release stating the reasons for which they have asked their members to continue to work.

Well, it has become a norm for GRNMA to treat other Nurses and Midwives associations that threatens to break the monopoly they have enjoyed for decades with contempt, to the extent of banning nurses and midwives who holds mental impressions (or suggestions) other differ from theirs.

The NARM-GH is not the only Legal Labour Union that was left out of the COS negotiation, the Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives, Ghana (UPNMG) was exempted as well and denied minutes of the COS meeting upon inquiry, that is a violation of the labour regulations 10. The post below also tells why UPNMG was not a part of the recent COS negotiation.

Pertaining to the press release by NARM-GH, GRNMA has alleged that the decision to withdraw from the strike action was politically driven and hence does not reflect the reasons given in their press release. Below is a statement and an audio recording where Ms RIDHWANA HAWA AMOAKO-AGYEI was called a political puppet* to her absence.

Also, a group of persons who claim to be "Concern Members of NARM-GH" expressed their displeasure about the press statement from their President in the update below.

The UPNMG however has expressed in the notice below that it is necessary for its members to observe the strike as it is an action to seek a better working condition for all nurses and midwives in Ghana.

Lastly, The Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) has instructed Member institutions and staff members to uphold the non-strike directive irrespective of their Labour Union. This lead to another release from the GRNMA instructing ALL NURSES AND MIDWIVES to observe the Strike.

As of the time of publishing, the GRNMA had not issued any directive indicating a cancel of the industrial action hence with all other things being equal, the strike shall begin at 8:00am Sharp on Monday, 18th September 2020.

Long live Nursing,

Long live Ghana.


  1. The strike has been suspended due to an interlocutory Injuction that was served GRNMA.
  2. The Health Minister without a health background who had COVID-19 and was saved by nurses is 'poised' on distroying the health system by making statements to irritate Nurses and Midwives instead of doing something to bring the strike to an end.

What is greed? Greed is an intense and selfish desire that makes a minister ask nurses and midwives what they use GHc 1000 monthly salary for because they asked their employer for some allowances when the minister takes entertainment allowance of GHc 5,750. Does that man even care about the health of this country at all?


Per the letter below dated 5th October, 2020 the GRNMA has been called to the negotiation table again.

*A paraphrase of the actual term.
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