Delay in Access to Registry Portal - NAC & NAP 2017



The Registered Nursing Assistant Clinical RNAC and Registered Nursing Assistant Preventive RNAP who completed training and qualified in 2017 wishes to bring to the notice of the general public that access to the registry portal, a requirement in the recruitment process has been unnecessarily delayed.

The aformentioned group by the instruction of higher authority of Ghana were supposed to be recruited together with the 2018 year groups of nurses under a "Certificate of Emergency", reference to letter HRHD/DIR/03/20/123 dated March 23, 2020 but this initiative has proven to be a woeful failure.

The Minitry of finance however granted financial clearance to the NAC & NAP 2017 by notice of a letter dated on June 9, 2020 with reference B/CPMU/2020/FC05 setting their date of assumption of duty to November 1, 2020. The NAC & NAP were to be granted access to the regisry portal 'right after' the registration of Diploma and Degree 2017 which was completed early July 2020.

No dates however, has been announced at the time of writing, July 28, 2020 and all forms of communication concerning the portal has seized. This has left the victims of this predicament panicked and worried not withstanding the 3 year long wait the present Government has sunctioned on them.

Considering the date of assumption of duty mentioned earlier, the NAC & NAP of 2017 by this notice wishes to prithee the Human Resource Department of the Ministry of Health to open access to the portal within 1st to 10th August in order to help them avoid undue pressure that might arise due to several challenges that comes with the registeration process amidst the  COVID-19 pandemic.

Tellit Nurse.


When hopefully, the portal is open for the 2020/2021 recruitment; Nurses, Nurse Assistants and Midwives will use their N&MC INDEX NUMBERS to access the portal. After the system confirms you have been financially cleared for the upcoming recruitment round, you will be redirected to create an account in order to login and complete the application process.
You will need:

1. An active PIN/AIN
2. Valid email address
3. Scanned passport picture (White background for Diploma & degree holders and Red background for NAP/NAC)
4. Other Demographic Information such as,
  • Applicant's name:
  • First name: 
  • Surname: 
  • Other name (if any): 
  • Residential address: 
  • Location and Region: 
  • Date of birth: 
  • Active phone number: 
  • Marital status: 
  • Next of Kin: 
  • Name of next of kin and relationship: 
  • Contact of next of Kin: 
  • Guardian's name: 
  • Digital address: (if any)
Academic Certification
  • Name of school completed:
  • Location of the school: 
  • Status of school: (i.e private or public) 
  • Date of entry: 
  • Date of completion: 
  • Certificate number: (please the one awarded by KNUST) 
  • License certificate number:
Remember that last year, Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) was not a requirement but you are advised to get it ready in case it's required More also, you're required to attach a photocopy (front and back view) of your valid PIN/AIN to the application printout for submission to the various agencies/regions of choice. If your PIN/AIN have expired, your application printout will not be accepted during the submission stage.

PLEASE NOTE that your account expires when the recruitment round has ended. This means that you cannot log in after the recruitment round is over.

ALSO NOTE that placements are done on a strictly first-come, first-served basis. An automated queuing System is used to ensure that placements are done according to the time you successfully submit your completed application. Please do not fall victim to scam artists claiming to have ability to change your organisation or region of choice. It is impossible to change once you are placed.

Sugri Adbul-Rafiq
Nicholas Godson

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