Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) delays Nurses Fund Refund

In two meetings held on the 29th May, 2020 and 12th June, 2020, lawyers of the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) met with the lawyers of the Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives, Ghana (UPNMG) to discuss matters pertaining to the GRNMA nurses fund refund and the way forward. After several hours of deliberation, they reached a consensus that the refund will be made but the GRNMA changed the process involved from  the initial arrangement made. In an Update, Mr. John Agbenyeavu, the National P.R.O of UPNMG writes;

"On the 29th of May 2020 the leadership of UPNMG together with our lawyers met with the leadership of GRNMA and their lawyers to discuss the way forward with regards to the refund of the GRNMA Nurses fund refund that has stagnated for sometime.
After three hours deliberation the meeting was rescheduled..

On the 12th of June 2020 we met again and a consensus was reached. GRNMA agreed to pay the refund to our members but the process involved in the submission of the documents be reviewed.
The GRNMA promised to furnish us with the names and contact of their district reps through which these documents would be submitted by close of week.

We implore members to exercise patience as we wait for the names and contact of these individuals so as to make progress with the refund issue.

Thank you all for your patience." *

After the consensus,  a series of actions by the GRNMA indicates that they are deliberately delaying the Refund process and are also implementing desperate measures to keep and convince members to rejoin their association.

1. The promise made by GRNMA to provide the names and contacts of their district representatives district representatives to the UPNMG by ‘the close of the week’ has not been fulfilled as of Thursday 16th July, 2020.

2. Some district representatives of the GRNMA who were found by members of UPNMG through their own search denied knowledge of the refund process hence has refused to collect and process the documents submitted to them.

3. Some district representatives of GRNMA who acknowledged the refund process tried to convince members of UPNMG when their role is to collect and process the documents submitted to them.
All these has come to the notice of the National Executive Council of the UPNMG hence this communique by the Ashanti Regional Leadership of UPNMG with ref UPNMG/ASH/PUN/07/20 was released earlier today 16th July, 2020.

4. The GRNMA has peddled falsehood against the UPNMG. Concerning this, the National Communication team of UPNMG writes;

"The leadership of UPNMG have been informed about the lies and intimidation tactics employed by the GRNMA to frustrate nurses and Midwives who attempt to submit their refund documents.


i. UPNMG is an illegal union.


UPNMG is legally registered with the registrar general and the Labor Department and have been issued a labor certificate on the 14th of December 2018.

The Ministry of Health and the Ghana Health service are aware of the existence of UPNMG and have always been in communication with the leadership.



UPNMG have offices that are fully operational in the following regions.
1. Volta/Oti region
2. Ashanti Region
3. Northern region
4. Upper East
5. Upper West
6. Western region
With our National office in Tamale.

National Communication Team" *

The Union of Professional Nurses and Midwives, Ghana wishes to advice all members to;

A. Contact their Regional executive council especially the organizer and secretary to assist them find their district executives who will in turn help them to arrange submission of their forms to the GRNMA District president or secretary though the member seeking refund would have to present it personally. Click here to get the list of the Members of the National and Regional Executive council of UPNMG.

B. Go in groups to submit their forms and get evidence of submission. This could be pictures or videos just in case it becomes necessary to present evidence in the legal battle of the Nurses fund refund.

C. Present the documents to the DISTRICT PRESIDENT OR SECRETARY of GRNMA and NOT the Regional Executive council as indicated in the Refund directive.

D. Remain calm and resolute knowing that the money belongs to the individual member who contributed hence the GRNMA CANNOT  refuse to refund the Nurses fund.


All UPNMG members who are qualified for the refund of their nurses fund from the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) are to locate the district chairman or district Secretary of GRNMA in their district to pick up the refund forms, fill it and add the following to it. Sample GRNMA Fund Refund Form

1. Payslip that has GRNMA deductions on it
2. A withdrawal letter indicating their correct bank details or
3. A copy of your bank withdrawal leaflet.

These documents should be submitted to the GRNMA district Chairman or the district Secretary.

We have been assured that the district officers of the GRNMA will comply to this directive to facilitate the refund process.

* Italics Ours.

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