The Betrayal of NAC and NAP of 2017

The fight for employment began right from 2017, we were expecting the current government to fulfil his promise of immediate postings. HERE and HERE are some references. There came many associations who aided the fight, one of the groups that emerged was Graduate Unemployed Nurses and Midwives Association - GUNMA headed by Mr. Sugri Abdul Rafiq - the president who is an RGN (Diploma Nurse).
The association made everyone believe their goal was clearance and postings for all but unfortunately, the RNAC & RNAP group of nurses should have thought otherwise. It is of no surprise that the degree nurses stated plainly that they wouldn't associate with GUNMA.

The RNAC and RNAP group of nurses however placed their trust in Sugri and his companions thereby placing their eggs in one basket. They severally paid monies to the leaders of GUNMA and the most recent payments made to them was for a mega demonstration scheduled for 28th January, 2020. That doesn't sound familiar right? Of course, it's because the president Mr. Sugri 'autocratically' (let me invent the word, you do know autocracy don't you?) cancelled the demonstration with no tangible reason though majority supported the action. Till now, they have not even had the courtesy to account for the monies paid to them - what a scandal!

The Executives of GUNMA has collaborated with MOH and possibly GRNMA to secure clearance for only the Diploma batch of 2017 neglecting the RNAC and RNAP who trusted so much in them, such a betrayal of the very people under their jurisdiction. I earlier stated that the degree nurses went on their very own fight and hence did not put their beautiful future into the hands of Sugri and his 'gang' of executive board.

Do you still read me funny? Perhaps I don't know what I'm saying? Okay, read carefully. Mr. Sugri and his colleagues had evidence that the government had posted some of the 2017 and even 2018 groups of nurses secretly claiming they used the spot from 2016 clearance where some of those nurses (2016) died, had better jobs, traveled etc. They actually had the names of the secretly posted nurses and midwives. We know that since we are all qualified and due for postings being fair to us meant giving equal chances to all to compete for those spots or better still, keep it and get clearance for all. When we all agreed to expose the evil act by the government, Sugri realizing that the evidence could jeopardize his found allies over some feeble promises, decided to keep the evidence hidden claiming 'majority' were against it. Haha, what majority exactly?! The media houses contacted over this evidence were actually willing to help seek justice on our behalf and all he had to do was release the evidence. He refused!

Why am I not surprised? Mr. Sugri was a prefect [post withheld] of an SHS he attended [institution withheld] but got deposed for reasons I'll withhold for now. However, which institution takes power from someone for doing good? Besides, he was a strong advocate of suppression of the "inferior" where he received his nursing training [institution withheld]. I mean, he actively preached that the RNAC shouldn't be given higher posts in that college. What was his problem exactly even if they could deliver adequately no matter the posts they were given? It's simple. Mr. Sugri never had any respect whatsoever for the RNAC & RNAP group.

Just in case you still doubt the facts, let me tell you what Mr. Sugri and his companions, the executives of GUNMA after collaborating to get clearance for his group only are doing to the RNAC & RNAPs on the National telegram group (as the name suggests, NATIONAL which means All Unemployed Nurses has the right to join).

GUNMA group had rules, these rules however were never enforced upon the quarrels and INSULTS registered to other members of the platform even by some admins of the group. After the announcement of probable clearance for the diploma and degree groups of nurses, the admins started removing all RNAC and RNAP nurses who registered their displeasure in the disappointment of Dr Kwesi Asabire the HR of MOH who promised clearance for all 2017 and 2018 year groups of nurses latest by 31st March, 2020 and Madam Perpetual Ofori-Ampofo who promised to stand by us if MOH and MOF does not release the clearance for ALL by their given date.

You know what's more painful? The diploma students completed in August 2017, and the NAC and NAP completed in November 2017. The Diploma Nurse is expected to serve the nation for a year (rotation) with a salary of not less than GHC 700. The RNAP & RNAC however is posted during this time to commence work and will serve the nation later when they upgrade to a higher certification. The diploma group is therefore NEVER to get posted before the RNAC & RNAP. But they have to face this serious injustice after staying home jobless (the private hospitals obviously can't employ all) for almost 3 years yet the diploma nurses of 2017 who completed rotation not long ago, has gotten clearance before them. Oh, what solemn INJUSTICE, their own colleagues whom they trusted has succeeded in sacrificing them for their personal gains.

Many do argue that GUNMA has no power over who the government should post. Yes, that is true but the resolution of the whole association was that NO PARTIAL CLEARANCE will be accepted, the government had to post at least a whole year group in any release of clearance at any point in time. The executives of GUNMA simply failed woefully at this since they are the very people who promised they wouldn't leave anyone behind.

So next time you see a nurse you know to have completed in 2017 still lurking around and struggling to survive, don't be quick to think they trailed, realize they trusted their colleague nurses with their future and were sacrificed.

Well, enough for a day. We'll meet again in the next article.


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