Task: Performing a Bed Bath


Top shelf

  • A bowl or basin 
  • 2 jugs (one containing cold water and the other hot water) 
  • Soap in a soap dish  
  • A face towel  
  • Two medium size towel or a large towel 
  • Sponge 
  • A pail 
  • Pomade, powder 
  • Hair Comb or brush  
  • Mirror

Lower Shelf

  • Receiver for used water 
  • Bath blanket and a long mackintosh or bed sheet and long mackintosh 
  • Patient garment 
  • Receptacle for soiled linen


1. Explain procedure to the patient and provide privacy.
2. Prepare and take trolley to bed side.
3. Offers bed pan or urinal if required
4. Loosens and removes top bed clothes and arranges on a chair / bed table.
5. Removes patients’ cloths and covers him with a bath sheet/ cloth.
6. Protect bed and pillow with long Macintosh/ plastic sheet and draw sheet.
7. Maintain individuality of patient by asking him if he would like soap on the face, 
temperature of water or if he will like to clean the gentalia himself.
8. Washes rinses and dry patients face beginning from the inner to the outer canthus of each eye.
9. Washes rinses and dries the rest of the face, ears and neck.
10. Washes and rinses and dries patients arm farther away from the nurse, then washes, rinses and dries patients arm near to the nurse.
11. Washes rinses and dries the chest and abdomen paying attention to the skin folds.
12. Washes rinses and dries the legs in the same way as the arms.
13. Turns patient on his side and washes, rinses and dries the back.
14. Examines and treat pressure areas.
15. Changes bottom linen and rolls patient on his back.
16. Cleans patients genitalia (performs vulva toileting if a female).
17. Groom and dresses patient in clean clothes.
18. Makes patients comfortable and thanks him.
19. Discards trolley, washes and dries hands properly.
20. Document procedure and reports abnormalities.

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