MOH and GRNMA Tricked Us Into Cancelling Demonstration - 2017 2018 Nurses

The scripture states “man has dominated man to his harm”. (Ec. 8:9). The Registered Nursing Assistant CLINICAL & PREVENTIVE (RNAC & RNAP) have had a first hand experience pertaining to that scripture. Read attentively as I explain how some politically driven masterminds with the help of Satan, deceived us from seeking what has been rightfully ours. (John 8:44)
This article is about some “suit and tie” people who made the Registered Nursing Assistant Clinical and Registered Nursing Assistant Preventive (RNAC & RNAP) feel were angels and hence cared about us but in actual sense, were in to cause us harm.


The nursing fraternity has usually had issues with unity among the different categories of nurses and it is for this reason the nursing profession loses its reputation day in and day out. The Graduate Unemployed Nurses and Midwives Association – GUNMA however attained some level of applaud-able co-operation among the different categories of Nurses under their jurisdiction since we thought we were fighting for a similar course. It was during those times we decided to organize a mega demonstration scheduled for 28th January, 2020. Leadership of the “Coalition of Unemployed Nurses” was also in support of the demonstration and urged it’s members to partake. Contributions for the intended demonstration was from all categories of Nurse, fliers and posters were out and the media became interested hence began announcing the demonstration. This was when some “wolf in sheep clothing” came hunting. They planted spys on the GUNMA platform who caused commotion and also sent them feedback. After realizing we were still committed to our goal, they had to come in with promises.
 The President of GUNMA acknowledges the presence of political puppets on the platform.


This was how we knew that only the fliers and the media’s announcement of our intended demonstration shook the very foundation of Ministry of Health (M.O.H). Primitively, they used to ‘flex’ a lot. Getting scheduled for a meeting with them, Nursing and Midwifery Council (N&MC) and Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association(GRNMA) was hell but after the intended demonstration hit them, the M.O.H, GRNMA and even the Northern Regional Minister wanted to meet us.

  • In a meeting with the M.O.H H.R on the 23rd January, 2020, the director, Dr. Kwesi Asabire encouraged the GUNMA leadership to cancel the demonstration showing them a letter requesting the list of graduate nurses (Diploma of 2017) from N&MC dated 2nd December, 2019 claiming they had already requested for that of the RNAC & RNAP of 2017. Can you imagine? Since 2017, the MOH had not even requested the list of 2017 diploma nurses but kept promising that they were working tirelessly on our clearance, please note that requesting for that list is the FIRST step in seeking for the clearance. So, what exactly were they doing? Ah Well, Dr. Kwesi Asabire however pledged that the clearance for ALL categories of 2017 and 2018 nurses would be ready by 31st March, 2020.
Before we continue, please note that according to Dr. Asabire, the clearance of RNAC&RNAP had already been requested from Ministry of Finance but the list of the diploma had just been requested from N&MC. This means, the clearance for diploma was nowhere near ready at the time. So how come the Diploma have got clearance before the RNAC&RNAP?!
  • The GRMNA made it clear to us that they are a body who only defend and regulate matters concerning employed nurses and midwives hence as unemployed nurses and midwives, we weren’t under their jurisdiction. After all, we do not receiving any salary they can deduct from, do we? The GRMNA however met us –  the same “unemployed nurses”, on the 24th January, 2020 and encouraged the leadership of GUNMA to cancel the demonstration. In this particular meeting, Madam Perpetual Ofori-Ampofo asked us to take her as our mother promising that she would ensure the pledged date for our clearance i.e. 31st March, 2020 would be met and all categories of 2017 & 2018 nurses would be posted.
Take note here that both parties promised that clearance would be ready for both 2017 and 2018 year groups of nurses by 31st March, 2020. What happened?
  1. Only Diploma and Degree of 2017 were captured in the clearance whiles the RNAC and RNAP who were due for postings even before the aforementioned group has been unjustly trashed.
  2. Private diploma and degree nurses of 2017 who did not pay a dime to the government have been captured in the clearance whereas RNAC and RNAC who were due for postings even before the aforementioned groups has been unjustly trashed.
  3. The clearance was not even released on the given date 31st March, 2020.
This has never happened under any administration of Ghana, The diploma group of a particular year has NEVER been posted before the RNAC & RNAP group of the same year because the RNAC & RNAP aren't included in rotation (National Service). Why is it happening now? 


The President of GUNMA per his sole decision, canceled the intended demonstration on the 26th January, 2020 due to these promises and some other reasons best known to him and his allies.
 In a poll conducted, by the president of GUNMA, 82% of the respondents were in agreement to the demonstration even though MOH and GRNMA had given their feeble promises.

Most members of GUNMA were not in agreement with the cancellation. Pertaining to this, Sule writes:
“We’re building a life here. Not trying to make peace with people who only understand demonstration”
When we had our first press conference and gave the government twenty-one days to respond to why they have not posted us or fulfilled their promises made to us, did you hear from them even after the twenty-one days?
We picketed at the ministry and some of us were picked up by the police because we were not posted and wanted to hear from them. Did you hear any information from the government and its appointees? Moving from radio stations to TV stations for them to hear our cry, have you heard anything from the government and its appointees?
Do you know how many times leadership have been to N&MC office to enquire if our names have been sent to MOH and MOF? The answer was; “We are regulatory body and only give names out upon the request from MOH and MOF”.
If MOH have requested for our names due for employmentwhy didn’t N&MC release the names to MOH on time. This demonstration is not to MOH, MOF and the government, but to N&MC, GRNMA so that the good people of this country will know how citizens are treated when it comes to heath and nursing.
If not because leadership met with NRPC and NRM for our intended demonstration in the Northern Regional Capital and for the NRM to call the MOH to inform them about what the THE UNEMPLOYED NURSES AND MIDWIVES intend to do in his Region, do you think they would have called leadership to show them last year faked documents? When we carry on this Demonstration, truth be told the correct documents will be out within twenty-four hours.
This was not the only reasoning, there were several reasons for which the demonstration had to come on but the president did not listen. It is quite interesting how ‘’ reported the issue in their post; “Graduate Unemployed Nurses and Midwives calls off Demonstration over Government’s ‘sweet talk’.
We’ve been cheated by people we thought politics had no influence over, they have played with our lives and future and are now busily telling LIES to the public that ALL 2017 year groups of nurses are part of the clearance. This is not a time to play politics with the lives of Ghanaians with COVID-19 cases rocketing to over 7,000 but do they care?
 The Ministry of Health posts “2017 Nurses Recruitment” when they fully know they have exempted the RNAC & RNAP of 2017.

It is about time we told the politician to let bygones be bygones, we have suffered enough already. #POST RNAC & RNAP NOW! 

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